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The blog has been a weird combination of sparse and heavy/serious, lately, so I’m seizing Friday for something silly. My husband was away for a week, and has returned to the wonder that is March Birthday Madness. Here are my Quick Takes. Make sure you check out more over at Betty Beguiles .(stepping into the breach for Jen at Conversion Diary).


While Will was away, Iwatched Bollywood. Lots and lots of Bollywood. To the point where I now have a favorite male Bollywood lead: Ranbir Kapoor. Jury is still out on the female lead. If you haven’t seen any Bollywood movies, do yourself a favor and check out Rab Ne Bana De Jodi, Saawarya and Jab We Met. They are long, around three hours each. They have song and dance numbers. See them anyway.  I’ll be subjecting my husband to at least Rab Ne Bana De Jodi very soon.  He’ll love it. I promise.


Lent is coming up. Help us! I need spiritual reading, prferably something that gives a little how-to-actually-act-like-a-follower-of-Christ type lesson. It’s so much easier to be a good Christian to strangers than to your own family. I need help with it in a big way. Like, I’ve been scaring myself. Must jettison some thought and behavior patterns, pronto. Any suggestions would be good. I was thinking of Archbishop Chaput’s new book, but am unsure because I just read a a chapter in a good (read: not scary orginal) Imitation of Christ. What to do?


It’s so great to have good friends who are willing to babysit  for free so you can go out on a grownup date with your husband for the first time in months. Time to paint the town! We ended up eating far too much, and singing cheesy songs as we drove through the sqaures. We also strolled (it was a bit chilly, and Tuesday nights during the off season are, shall we say, dead). It was a lovely time, and we got home to a sleeping baby who had been happy all evening. We then collapsed, because unlike in our pre-marital days, we have to get to work at nasty o’clock in the morning.


When Will left for DC, I had a brilliant plan to start going to daily mass. I”ve noticed with increased  mass attendance, a toddler begins to get the idea that church is not the place for gymnastics, liturgical dance, or roller coaster rides for small acorns you found outside. Last Friday, while we did take our soaking wet boots off, we sat quietly and drew. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing. Much better that the repeated hissing, near-tears whispers of “Do I NEED TO TAKE YOU OUT?” and “THIS IS THE LAST TIME!!! I MEAN IT!!!” as if no one in church can hear you. Of course, then you leave church and it’s rainy and you have to drag your child out of puddles and scream her name across a square after she runs away from you, and you dash after her and nearly break your neck on wet flagstones and end up hissing at her to not run away ever again or…I don’t know what, but something will happen. And it won’t be fun. Ever again.


I have had some adult conversation in the last two weeks, even outside my newly returned husband.  I should have mentioned it earlier, but I got to meet Jim Caviezel and his family last week. They’re great. We hung  out in a coffee shop and Philomena fell in love with his ten year old son. His wife and I chatted. Yessir,  I know a movie star. I’ve also been meeting, in answer to prayer, quite a few young Catholic women. Some are single, some are married, all are great. It looks like we may get a dose of the new evangelization here in Savannah after all!


March madness in our house means birthdays. Today is Will’s thirty-fourth! This means I’ve known him ten years. Makes a girl think. He likes to keep his own birthday low-key, so I’m letting him sleep in, and I”ll do something nice for dinner. Besides, we have to party tomorrow for…


Philomena’s birthday extravaganza! Our beautiful daughter turned three yesterday, March 3, feast of St. Katherine Drexel, who, incidentally, is her patron for the year according to Jen’s saint’s name generator. Due to bizarre scheduling upsets, we decided to have Lulu’s birthday observed on Saturday. This means brunch (we’ve had requests for waffles), park, River Street, maybe the wildlife center, a birthday dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, and chocolate cake. Notice, I have not mentioned toys. We have enough toys for now. Her room is overflowing. We shall get a balloon and we shall like it.


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Check out Catholic Word News for a nice little article about Mother Teresa’s “Love Without Limits.”

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