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I really needed to write something today so this is what you’re stuck with. It’s pretty much just what I was thinking about five minutes before I decided to dust off the old Word Press and get to work.  As always, there is more over at Conversion Diary.


Oh, the joys of reading the ruffled feather comboxes on blog posts that really, really shouldn’t cause a single feather to ruffle. I refer to the excellent article by Pia de Solenni, moral theologian and general Catholic bad mother. In the Samuel L. sense. She simply commented on Pope Francis’ remark regarding a need for a deepening of the Church’s theology of women. For those not of a Catholic persuasion, we tend to take a long, long time thinking about the nature of man from a theological, philosophical and social standpoint. Women, who tend to be shoddily treated worldwide, would benefit, even in a small way, from a better understanding of their nature in the light of Christ. Apparently, a lot of dudes don’t agree. My favorite comment was the guy who, while stating he isn’t a mysoginist but most women adhere to radical feminism which is a disgusting belief system, so he has a problem with those women. I think he’s single. 


Simcha Fisher pointed out that, in the light of the combox fun-with-mysoginy, obviously we do need a better understanding of women in the Church. She goes out of her way to say that this in no way implies women should be priests or deacons, etc.  I think it’s sad that a Catholic mother of nine who writes for the National Catholic Register should have to wave her orthodoxy credentials around so the gripers understand she’s not Nancy Pelosi. Sigh.


All this chat of feminism puts me in mind of Dorothy Sayers’ excellent essay Are Women Human? Short answer: yes.


Of course, a lot of the gents kvetching won’t like Sayers, because she got above herself and got a degree from Oxford and wrote detective stories and was an Anglican. 


Speaking of Anglicans, my husband was recently given the green light into the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. He was an Episcopalian choir boy before he converted, and, to his great joy, he’s now officially part of Benedict XVI’s foray into ecumenical awesomeness. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do yet. Do I stay put or join him? A friend lit a candle for my discernment in front of the relics of Edward the Confessor at this church. Please pray for me!


In other news, I have abeen a bit down in the mouth about my faith lately. It comes and goes. I’ve been wanting to write a book about Proverbs 31 for the not so Proverbs 31 woman, since I’ve generally disliked most interpretations that make it to the bookshelves. I don’t know, though. It’s hard to get into the groove of writing about faith when you can’t even remember to pray during the day. I feel like I’d come off as a fake. I really want to write fiction, but I get stuck. Very, very stuck in the fear that no one will like it and it will never be published. So stuck that all my plots come to a screeching halt about a chapter in, if that far. I used to love making up stories and I never worried because I just liked writing. Now I want to be a writer but feel the need to make money (which I know most writer’s never do) and that has a dampening effect on my ability to focus. So, of your kindness, please pray for that, as well.


Philomena started kindergarten. I’m all ferklempt and I’ll write a little something about that, too. 


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