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I don’t have the brain power at the moment to work on anything coherent or profound, though I find my literary brain aching for some exercise. That will come in time. For the moment, all I want to do is expunge the following from my mind.

ImageI’m not sleeping very well. At night I jerk awake every hour or so. It’s usually noises, or heartburn, or Philomena, or all three. This morning I was awakened by a band playing reveille at the local army base. God bless America.


The worst of the sickness is beginning to fade. That being said, I can’t go in the kitchen in the morning. The new vinyl  flooring has this lingering odor that refuses to let my nausea abate. So, I sit in the dining room, relying on my husband to bring me either coffee or peppermint tea. He does a good job.I am genuinely surprised how hard it is not to go to my office every morning to make the things I usually like to have to make mornings happy. Black tea still tastes horrible to me. The texture of eggs makes me want to run and hide. I miss those basic things. I wouldn’t change anything, mind you. It’s just awfully inconvenient for an at-home mom not to have the run of breakfast time.



I’m about to embark on a scientific study of which version of Pride and Prejudice is the best. I’m also thinking of writing an analysis of certain Austen heroes and their often bizarre effect on young women. My premise is that romantic girls (of whom I was one) romanticize the story lines, and ignore or don’t see the underlying character flaws or criticism inherent to Austen’s work. She was very proud of her creations, but she certainly never regarded her heroes as epitomes of manly wonderfulness. They were human, and that’s why the books are so good. A careless or an immature reading can set young women off on the quest to find Mr. Darcy, often with disastrous results. Instead, I think the actual characters, understood as the text actually says,can point us in the right direction in terms of treating our potential romantic conquests as real human beings with real flaws who may not end up with the major cord BBC ending-happy, yes, but not unrealistically so.


Did you know that smoothies are God’s gift to the mothers of preschoolers? They are. How else can you get a picky, non-vegetable or fruit eater to eat two servings of strawberries, bananas and yogurt in one sitting without tears and a fight? We’ve discovered a new coffee place nearby that serves reasonably priced, really good smoothies, and now I am no longer worried  Philomena will develop scurvy.

That’s all, folks. I need to get the little one outside for a walk. Happy Tuesday!


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Christ is Risen!




At my house, Easter Monday is a nothing day. After getting ready for Easter and facing the spiritual juggernaut that is Holy Week, we can stop, rest, and think about the resurrection with some degree of recollection. The knowledge of it is the backdrop of the mind, and all the little chores of day to day life play themselves out against it. The resurrection lends a richer color to a day off.

Lent this year meant a number of sacrifices not chosen by me. You see, two weeks into Lent we found out to our huge surprise, that baby Cubbedge the second is on the way. Once the general shock and sense of unreality began to wear off (it still seems completely unreal), the marathon of exhaustion, morning-afternoon-and-night sickness and heartburn became my sacrifice. It’s quite something, to have some good sacrifices set aside for Lent, only to realize that now, in my state of general discomfort I had physical suffering to offer up, as well as the humiliation of not being able to take on things like waking up early, sticking to a schedule or even being able to get through morning and evening prayer . I have a feeling not choosing my Lent was much better for me. Relying less on my own fantastic initiative and more on the mercy of God and the leading of what prayers my husband wants to pray has been very freeing. Weakness isn’t so bad, after all.

Thanks be to God. Christ is risen. I am pregnant. God is good.

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