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It’s been a great, big, long week here at Nouveau Chez Cubbedge. We’ve been painting, fixing electrical things about which I know nothing, and generally going completely mad. When one thing was repaired, another thing broke. When I needed quiet, I was assailed with to-do lists (not from my husband-he knows better). When I wanted to check out a little March for Life coverage I was reminded that there are still people who think eugenics is a great idea (seriously). When I sat down to dinner tonight I realized that, apart from mass on Sunday night, and a hardware store run or two, I haven’t been out of the new place since we moved in. Blogging has been on the back burner for so long, though I had to do something. And so, in honor of my dwindling sanity, I give you this week’s Quick Takes.


As I mentioned in my last post, our last place was tiny. It was also downtown. Downtown Savannah is a truly excellent place to live. It’s beautiful, vibrant, and there is always something to do. The problem wasn’t so much the city-dwelling aspect as it was the lack of space or anything green to look at on a hot day. For some reason our street was the only one without purposeful shade. It gets incredibly hot here and last summer I discovered that, even if Philomena wanted to walk to our beautiful park to play in the splash pad (which may or may not be turned on), it was a ten minute stagger through the desert, but with the sensation of drowning in a warm sponge. We spent a great deal of time on our tiny front porch with bowls and buckets of water. Charming and fun,  but not something I want to do again. This brings me to…


…our new house! We moved to a suburban neighborhood that is still very much in the city limits. We’re now homeowners via the charity of relatives. It’s a 1950s ranch style house with three bedrooms and a sunroom. It’s got lots of nifty 1950s details (including chrome cabinet handles), everything in the house works and the unfortunate paint job is now going away. But, the best part of all, better even than the increase in living space, is the back yard.


The yard is big, and fenced, with lots of flowering trees. It’s got room for a vegetable garden, the flower beds are in place and are crying out to be weeded and loved. The other day a friend brought her three year old over and for the first time I was able to tell the children to go outside and play. This summer I’ll be able to watch Philomena in her paddling pool and in the sprinklers.


Philomena has adapted beautifully. The first few days she couldn’t go into the backyard at all without getting nervous. All the open space was a little overwhelming. She clung to me and Will, and we’d gently show her the places where the flowers would be in the spring, and where the bird feeder was. Eventually she started running around playing tag with me. Today she dragged out her play food, a bucket and her daddy and stayed outside playing chef. She didn’t want to come in.


The paint job in the house was unfortunate. Stark white walls with battleship periwinkle woodwork in all the rooms, except where there was deep lavender trim. As of now, the living room is finished, the dining room is half finished and the hallway is next.


In spite of the great blessing of this house, there are still a number of worries in my little family.we’re still job hunting, still wondering about God’s will for us, still wondering when we’ll have the means to treat the IF problems. There is even the worry that assails me from time to time, what if this house wasn’t God’s will for us? What if, in the words of that fish headed admiral in Star Wars, it’s a trap? It still takes an effort of the will to know this is where God has placed me, and I’m in His hands. I reassure myself that my family has sought to do His will in everything in the last year especially, and this is what He has given us. I’m happy about it, and very grateful, but the anxiety comes and goes.


I have a few ideas floating around for posts. The HHS malarkey has had me reeling this past week, but there’s been no time to formulate thoughts. The most coherent ideas I’ve had are something along the lines of “Oh expletive,” and “They can’t do that! This is AMERICA!”  As you can see, my mind isn’t quite clear yet. Soon, my friends.Soon.

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Oh, it’s good to be back!

Life has been, shall we say, hectic for the last several months. There was a lot of traveling, working a substitute job at the local girl’s school, anxiety, and now, at the beginning of 2012 we three find ourselves the possessors of a house.

We moved in yesterday.

Let me explain what this is like for me using pictures. In the last year we have gone from this:

(Note the bizarre Baba Yaga chicken feet stilts.)

to this:

(This is Sandringham House, not Chez Cubbedge.)

Do you see?

Now, the house we had between Baba Yaga’s place and Her Majesty’s was not a bad little place. It was the answer to prayer and was just right for the last year. Unfortunately, our good neighbors moved out and bad neighbors moved in. There was a lot of yelling. And a lot of people visiting for long weekends in a 600 square foot apartment that was too small for our family of three.  Six hundred square feet, a kitchen roughly large enough to swing a cat if you didn’t mind grievously injuring said cat, a very active three and a half year old and no yard is not a recipe for tranquility. I’m not sure why we got this beautiful place, but today’s adventure of watching my daughter go from being afraid of the great big back yard to running and jumping into the piles of leaves as Will and I raked them was surely a special blessing.

About the new house. It’s a 1950s ranch style house, with three bedrooms, a sunroom and a very nifty retro Mullins kitchen. The paint needs work. It has a beautiful, if rather neglected, garden, and I am itching to pull weeds. The neighborhood is very close to downtown, close to the local JCC and pool, and close to a lovely little restaurant and shopping area. It’s really, really lovely. I’m day dreaming about opening up the house for potluck dinners and evening prayer, or a rosary group for moms of little ones, and about growing a vegetable garden. It’s my own little piece of land to cultivate. I’m excited!

And so, my benighted blog is up and running once again. That’s pretty exciting, too.

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