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A Few Changes

Some of you may have noticed the bizarre grammatical errors in my last post.  I plead exhaustion; it was written late at night when I should have been in bed. I have made some changes. It should be okay now.


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Random idea, I know, but I read a really funny post at I Need To Sit Down and became inspired.

I was homeschooled through junior high and highschool, and I’m glad I was. I wasn’t the sort of kid to do well in public school or in any of the area Catholic schools. I got a decent education out of it, and I think my mom and dad did a good job.

That being said, I really, profoundly do not think homeschooling should be a good Catholic’s only choice. It is such a mistake for homeschoolers to assume that it’s the right decision for everyone. It should be a choice, based on the needs of each individual child, and taken seriously enough to ensure your child gets a real education. There are people who will disagree with me, and say that the world is so bad, and Catholic schools are so bad that no Catholic worth his blessed salt should send his kids out of the house. Well, the world is pretty bad. A lot of Catholic schools are bad, too, and don’t fulfill their mission. But, having taught homeschoolers, and having been homeschooled myself, I can say with confidence that the families who homeschool based out of “reactionaryism”, rather than out of concern for the well-being of the individual child, generally do a very bad job of it. Some families  don’t do any work at all, or they sit their kids down and expect them to fill in the workbooks with hardly any interaction from the parents. In some families, Dad does nothing, Mom gets overwhelmed and the kids reap the benefits of resentment.  And then, of course, there is the two plus two equals Jesus crowd (you know the type;. they have beards, and the curriculum is so Christocentric that even the artithmetic books have to do with the economy of salvation). The result is always the same: rebellious children who lead double lives. They’re one way with their parents, another with everyone else, and ignorance abounds.

We plan on homeschooling Philomena for the early years. If it goes well, and we can’t afford/don’t like the Catholic school options, we’ll continue, basing our decision on what works for our family. In all of the decisions we’re fluid. It’s ultimately up to what God wants from us. He’s not going to screw our child up, so we’ll listen, and see what He says.

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Daze of Wine and Pizza

I have no idea what to write about right now. I could tell you all about my weekend. We tried to go on a nature walk, but the trail was closed until the end of the year. We ended up staying in the nature center where Philomena studied snakeskins because she was afraid of the spiders on the mini-trail. Not that I blame her. They were the size of dinner plates. I could tell you about my forty minutes in Purgatory  line for confession with a two year old, or how that same two year old was so good at mass the next day that we went for cappucino and chocolate muffins afterwards. I could tell you how awesome it is to be Catholic, and how good priests make it even better. I could tell you how Philomena  went fishing with a dog in the fountain in Lafayette Square and chased butterflies and befriended anoles.   I  could tell you how dinner fell through and how much I love Will for going out to get pizza after the baby went to bed.

I could tell you all these things in detail, but  by the time I was done I’d be a zombie, and so would you.

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Our New Friend

This is the kind of spider hell-beast we saw in the woods over the weekend.  It is a golden orb weaver, and yes, it can hurt you.

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St. Monica’s Day

St. Augustine, you are awesome, but you  have your mother to thank for that.

Exemplary Mother of the great Augustine, you perseveringly pursued your wayward son not with wild threats but with prayerful cries to heaven. Intercede for all mothers in our day so that they may learn to draw their children to God. Teach them how to remain close to their children, even the prodigal sons and daughters who have sadly gone astray.  Amen.

[h/t SQPN ]

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Philomena Phamily Phriday

So it’s cheesy. So what?

Yes, the time has come for family updates! Hurray! Many thanks to Will for taking the pictures and videos. I would do it myself, but I lost the darn cable for my camera. Enjoy!

As you can see below, Philomena has reached new heights of architectural skill. She’s been playing blocks all week, only stopping to eat, go to the pool or park, and, occasionally, sleep.

This was the week after we arrived. The Carmelite Monastery was holding a triduum of masses in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. It was beautiful, and Philomena loved it. Here she is, a tiny little figure on the driveway.


This was at dinner last night. Philomena really likes the resurrection story, princesses, and being dramatic. Note the flourish at the end.


This was Wednesday. I think Will is doing a series he’s going to call “The Very Little Way with Philomena.” This is what happens at mass. And at the post office.


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Pro-Life Thursday

Usually on Thursdays we all troop over to the local abortion facility to join the loveliest group of people to pray and counsel. I haven’t made it for the last two weeks, but Will has, and he came home last week with a couple of  encouraging stories, which I now pass on to you.

Apparently, the week before , after we had left , a young woman biked by the prayer group. She stopped, and I am  sure people on both sides braced themselves for an argument. Nothing of the kind happened, though. The young lady, who was an art student, said she had had an abortion  at that very clinic a year ago, and she didn’t regret it. She didn’t say it in a challenging way. She just said it. So, the ladies began to talk to her about it, about the situation she had found herself in and how difficult it must have been for her.  They mentioned the local crisis pregnancy center had resources for post-abortive women.

Guess what happened?

 She went over to the center. It’s right across the street from the abortuary.

Last week, a gentleman who prays the rosary on the sidewalk outside gave out heart shaped boxes of candy to  the patients after their procedures. The ladies were surprised, but accepted the gifts kindly.  He also gave out holy cards, rosaries and promises of prayer.

These calm, kind exchanges are what will convert the hearts of those who, for whatever reason, feel that abortion is their only option.  Let’s pray for a spirit of gentleness and  love in all our exchanges in the pro-life forum, so that the men and women we meet may be healed.

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